Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'll have the.......

So today I took the girls to a coffee shop to kill some time while we waited to pick up Noah at preschool. I let them look at the case of pastries and lunch items and told them to pick out pastry to snack on while we waited. Seville went right to the double chocolate rasberry torte. MMMMMMMM yummy! What did Olivia want? The chef salad. Not. My. Child.

Monday, January 16, 2006

New family members

For christmas the girls got Cabbage Patch Dolls, a blonde one for Seville and a brunette for Olivia. We told the girls that their babies names were Peggy and Faith. Several minutes later we asked them to repeat the names back to us to see if they remembered. Olivia said her baby's name was "Fake" and Seville proudly declared her child to be "Piglet". We finally got Seville to say Peggy, but Olivia was not able to comprehend the Faith name so we went with the childs middle name which according to the birth certificate is Scarlet, this she got with no problem.

A few days later we noticed that Noah was playing with the girls babies more than they were and he finally admitted to us that he wanted a baby of his own. So I took him to the store to get one. Now the store has three boy dolls left. One with blonde hair and blue eyes and one with blonde hair and green eyes. The third one has brown hair with brown eyes. So Noah with his brown hair and brown eyes naturally wanted the third baby. One striking difference about the third baby...

Noah, didn't seem to notice or care that his baby was black. He had brown hair and eyes just like him and that made the new doll perfect. The birth certificate says his name is Curtis. I told this to Noah but he promptly corrected me and said "No mommy, his name is Jason Curtis" and ever since that's how we all say his name. Noah swears that he did not name him after his Uncle Jason, but since he doesn't KNOW any other Jason's you have to wonder....

Trading Spaces....Fixler Road

I decided that my girls finally needed a proper girlie room and this past week I proceeded to transform their Goodwill circa 1980 space into a room fit for a TV home makeover show. Of course I never really traded spaces with anyone, I just traded their room makeover with the contents of my bank account. My SIL Maria helped me pick out the paint color. When I first put the color up in the bare room, I'll be honest, I had an "Oh my god what have I done?!?" moment. But after I got all of the furnishings in the room it now seems PERFECT - thank you Maria! Other than the new paint, the walls are bare, but for now it'll have to do and I don't think the girls will notice. I spent several months slowly collecting things for the room whenever I found it on what my friend Laura and I like to call "Super Mega Death Clearance". I also got a number of items, like the beds for free on All told I probably spent between $300-400(take THAT Paige Davis!), but like I said I had been picking up thinks a little at a time, so it was easier to manage.

When we did our big 'reveal' with the girls we had them cover their eyes and count to three, then we opened the door. They immediately ran in and started jumping on the notice of the pretty new quits, or new BEDS for that matter. Oh well, mommy is just an amature decorator and did a crappy job anyway, but they are only four so they'll never know. :)

Friday, December 30, 2005

WOW where have I been???

This last semester was a tough one and I went AWOL when it came to blogging. So much has happened I don't even know where to begin. Thanksgiving was fun but not so relaxing for me, I was seriously behind in my Anatomy class and needed to pull off high A's on my finals (lab and lecture) in order to get an A in the class, so I started seriously cramming on turkey day weekend. It paid off I got the grades I needed. Here's how I ended the semester:

Anatomy and Phys Lecture A
Anaotmy and Phys Lab A
Professional Role Dev A
Family Seminar A
Nursing Foundations I A- (@&#%$!!!) This was the most disorganized class I have ever experienced in my life, hopefully they will get their act together for Foundations II

There is a cruel cruel irony behind these grades... for three semesters now I have been trying to get above the 3.8 GPA mark. The one asshat prof that gave me my one and only B seriously derailed those efforts and not even the straight A's I received this summer were able to get me there. So I thought that I would finally get to break the 3.8 mark this semester, but because of my ONE A minus I am currently at 3.799. As you know they DO NOT round GPA's. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I was SO CLOSE!!!

On to more domestic matters, the kids are doing well and had a blast at Christmas. They are enjoying their time off school, but mom is really looking forward to them starting again on Tuesday!!! *big smile* I will post more about our christmas adventures later. I have an especially funny story about Noah. :)

Friday, November 04, 2005

A Nice Walk in the Jungle

So I took the kids to the Pediatritian's office for an appointment. While we were in the office waiting the kids were bringing me books to read to them. At one point they bring me a book called "A Nice Walk in the Jungle" by Nan Bodsworth. It's a seemingly pleasant story about a teacher taking her class on a walk through, you guessed it, the jungle. Its very PC, right down to the kid in a wheelchair. As you turn the pages you begin to realize that there is a HUGE Boa Constrictor systematically EATING all of the children! The kids are trying to warn their teacher, but she is oblivious and can't be bothered while she is observing the plants and animals around her. Page after page we see children and their various appendages flailing out of the mouth of this giant snake. At one point, it eats the kid in the wheelchair!!!!! I am reading this thinking, did that actually happen? I didn't know if I should be horrified that a book like this was in my Ped's office or laugh my ass off at the irony of it all. I chose laughter.

When the doctor finally entered the room I showed him the book. His comment? "Well I wouldn't have eaten the wheelchair, the kid maybe, but why the wheelchair?" He was more concerned about the ass-whooping the teacher finally gave the snake when she realized her entire class had been eaten. It ended with the teacher retrieving her class and deciding to have lunch with the herbivores. Nice. The doctor removed the book from the room, but my guess is that he probably put it right back when crazy-mother left the building.

Here's a copy of the book just for kicks. I wish I could show you all the page of the wheelchair stuffed into the Boa's mouth. Freakin hilarious.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Guess what the kids did today?

Well apparently what happened was Noah cut Seville's hair and Seville cut Olivia's hair and Olivia cut Noah's hair. Seville's was so bad I didn't notice the others at first, Noah's didn't even require an emergency salvage cut, but last night I took the girl's to the hairdressers. Here is the result. Olivia's looks normal again, Seville is another story. Olivia keeps saying "I still look like a girl"

Monday, October 17, 2005

So Seville comes over to me and says...

"Mommy, can I wake up now?"

In other Davis family news... we had a new toilet installed today to replace the leaky one. When the plumber was done, the children had to christen it with their various bodily fluids and then they each tried out the flush to watch it go down. Aaaahhhh the simple joys in life. :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

How my classes are going so far

Grades so far...

Foundations test - 88% this was very disapointing, I had hoped to start out with an A grade, its much harder to bring a B grade up to an A than it is to maintian an A.

Nursing math test - 97% I know this SEEMS like a good grade but I was really hoping for a 100% to help offset my previous 88%. I missed one question, thus a 97%.

LRC test - Passed. there is no grades for LRC tests, they are simply pass/fail.

Anatomy - 93%, not bad, hope to do better next time. I am a little nervous about the upcoming Lab test, I don't feel that the professor is really focusing in on what we need to study for this test.

Professional Role Development - 98%. This is the one grade that I am thrilled about!! I felt good about the test afterwards, but thought I would end up in the low A range, a 98 was a pleasant surprise. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This is what happens...

...when you don't let your children go outside to play

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hi, my name is Gwen...

So my friend Laura and I are big fans of comedian Margaret Cho. She does this one routine where she talks about getting sick and being in the hospital. She said this one nurse comes in the room and says (in a very husky voice)

"Hi. My name is Gwen. I'm here to warsh your vagina."

This is a line Laura and I pass back and forth all the time, its one of our favorites. Anyway.... I'm in class the other day, its basically Nursing 101, we are learning how to give sponge baths. And happy-happy-joy-joy we get a step by step video presentation, which includes.... you guessed it.... VAGINA WASHING.
That's right people, up on a screen the size of a king sized bed we got an up close and personal image of not one but TWO nurses washing this poor lady's vagina.

The voiceover says, "Note how they carefully grasp the labia and wipe from front to back."

This particular scene played out MUCH longer than it should have, you got the idea the camerman was enjoying himself. It took ALL I HAD IN ME to NOT laugh during this presentation. I kept hearing Gwen's voice in my head "Hi. My name is Gwen...." Everyone else in the room was calm and collected and there is me grasping my mouth to hold back the bellows....very mature.

So then we have our very first clinicals this week. We were going
to a retirement community and would each be assigned a resident to
basically stalk for three hours. I arrive at my clinical on Tuesday
and am given my assingment. My residents name....

Wait for it...

Wait for it....


And the circle of comedy is now complete.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Photos that need no commentary

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hey there Stupid

For the past hour, my children have been vigirously debating the use of the word "stupid". Is it a bad word? If so why? This debate of course involves SAYING the word "stupid" over and over and over again.

Also in question is if an individual is "stupid and stinky" or "stupid BECAUSE they are stinky".

Aristotle has nothing on the Davis triplets.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Noah's new school

Well we were not able to enroll Noah into the girls' preschool so we instead found him a spot in another local preschool that has an afternoon class. The cost is higher than most, but I am almost completely out of options. He starts tomorrow. Its an all boy class and he is super excited. Hopefully I can get some pics.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ready, Set, SCHOOL!

It's crunch time folks, down to the final hours of productiveness before school starts for everyone tomorrow. In my true Martha Stewart comando freakishness, I have finalized the entry area off of the garage and made different stations for coats and backpacks, shoes, and papers from school. Each labeled with the child's color-coded name. I now present you with Jen's school-days version of "shock and awe"

Shoes drawers with an extra drawer for hats and gloves

Drawers for papers and projects from school

NICE BIG HOOKS for backpacks and coats. Last years hook rack was a disaster, a wooden one that completely fell apart, not to mention that the pegs were too small to begin with and couldn't hold anything for more than 5 minutes.

Note the two Bob the Builder backpacks for Seville and Olivia. This is because they were given to us and my husband insists that we use them. I wanted to buy them Disney princess backpacks or barbie backpacks or something girlie like that but nooooooooooo... gifted backpacks must be used. This is the same man who refuses to let our son take a sack lunch to school lest he look like 'white trash'. I've tried to explain to him that this stigma doesn't exist anymore and sack lunches are often seen as healthier for kids and even the 'cool' kids do it. I think dh was just too traumatized by his own rather nerdy existence in school. But still, you'd think he let the girls have proper backpacks!

I also have taken to re-organizing all of my DVD copies given to me by an unnamed source. I have them in uniform cases and created a label template for the movie names for easy viewing.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Preschool situation

Last year Olivia qualified for free preschool services through the school district for a very mild speech delay. Seville and Noah remained together at WEEC preschool. I put their names into the lottery for Olivia's school and neither of them were given an open spot for the 'typical' kids. Then a few days ago I get a phone call saying a spot has opened up and Seville has now been invited to attend. Seville, but not Noah. Now I am in a situation where Spencer, Olivia and Seville will get getting on the bus together on T/TH and Noah will be left behind. It absolutely breaks my heart! Why would the school not give priority to keeping families together???

To make matters worse I got a letter in the mail the next day saying that Noah's preschool was CLOSING IT'S DOORS. This is two weeks before the start of its own school year and it came about quite unexpectedly. I called a few other preschools in the area but none have openings at class times that I can work into our hectic schedule. Now he won't be going to school at all!!! I am absolutely infuriated with our school district for not having the COMMON SENSE to keep siblings together! Noah is only four years old, he will NOT understand when his sisters go off to school and he remains behind. gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr..... I sent a letter to the administration requesting that he be placed in the preschool immediately. I will post an update when I hear back from them.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Holy Textbooks batman!!

I cannot BELIEVE how many textbooks I need for this semester! The stack is so high I feel compelled to contact the FAA and have them alert aircraft flying in my area. I know I won't need all of them at once, but I can't even fit HALF of them into my backpack. I may have to enlist a backpack surrogate to carry my bag for me, I wouldn't want to permanently injure myself before I even graduate.

Here's a pic of almost all (but not all) of my books with one of my four year olds standing next to it.

Oh wait, now Noah wants me to take his picture next to the stack of books. Here ya go Noah...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Say what?

My children continue to say the strangest things, especially Seville. I finally figured out that when she says 'suitecase' she means 'swimsuit' and when she says 'elevator' she means 'calculator'. She is also very inquisitive and used to say 'What are you doing?" all the time but this phrase has now become 'What do you THINK you're doing?".

Olivia has taking to shouting "WHAT?!?!" at me for even the smallest of requests.

"Olivia, please go get your shoes on."
"Olivia, which cereal would you like to have?"
"Olivia, please don't push your sister"

and so on and so forth...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Car Fire Bingo anyone?

My drive to and from Chicago is normally uneventful, but on my return I encountered a series of events that definitely caught my attention.

About an hour after I left Laura's house, I passed this car fire along route 30. The fire dept was already there but the flames were still high. My picture isn't the best since I was driving about 30mph at the time.

This next fire was quite spectacular. It was literally feet in front of the toll booth as you leave Indiana. The police were on the scene, but firefighters were nowhere to be found.
As you can see this was a HUGE fire and I can't believe how close I got, this was taken from the normal flow of traffic. As I pulled up to the booth I realized that they were all empty, as started to drive off I saw all of the attendants on the opposite side of their respective booths hiding from the flames.

The final picture isn't so much a car fire, but one in the making. When I was almost to my exit on I-80 in Ohio I looked into my rear view mirror and saw an RV speeding up behind me with billows of smoke coming out of the passenger side. The RV passed me shortly after I snapped the photo and was going so fast I couldn't catch up to warn him. No wonder he was on fire...
It's hard to see all the smoke in this pic, but trust me, its there.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hello Chicago!!

Last week a few days in Chicago visiting my good friend Laura and many of her gal pals from the local Triplet Moms group. We went to dinner on Wednesday night and I met many of the ladies that I've seen online but have never met in person. Here is a pic of me with some of the moms at the dinner.
From the left is Jeanne, Me, Laura and Kelly. They are also all moderators of their various email groups. I also got to meet Michelle who has toddler triplets and is currently expecting another child (brave woman!) as well as Holly, mom to ggg triplets. Another lady there was Kim. I've talked to Kim many times online and she frequently shares pictures of her daughter who is a gymnast at the college level and competes nationally. We had a great time at dinner and I even drank half a margarita, which as Laura will tell you is a LOT for me.

Laura let me reorganize her pantry and given my OCD tendencies, this has been the highlight of my weekend. :) In keeping with our snark-a-licious viewing habits we watch Saved, American Mullet (a personal favorite), On Edge and an encore viewing of Napoleon Dynamite. Laura is one of the few people in the world who shares my off color sense of humor and it was great fun to do a little movie watching with her.

On Saturday we picked up a mutual friend of ours, Angela, and took her out to lunch. I has the most DELICIOUS sandwich, Chicken Parmesan - yummy! Angela's bbg triplets are five days older than mine and she is currently expecting a little girl any day now. Here's a pic of the two of us...

Saturday night went to a casino. I just have to say I do not understand the appeal of gambling. We spent $20 on nickel slots, it was the most boring $20 I've ever spent. Maybe the card tables would have been fun, but those games are too rich for my blood.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Grades are in...

Another straight A semester - woo hoo! GPA is now JUST SHY of 3.8. I am hoping to bump it up by the end of the year.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Semester is over - Woo Hoo!!

I spent the week cramming for finals. Took both of them last night and now I am done with classes for the next five weeks - woo hoo!!! What will I do with all my free time? Ahhhhhh who am I kidding, there is no such thing as free time in motherhood.

The kids are at MILs for the day. I have a TON of things I need to get done.... I think I will take a nap.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

"Who wants to push the elevator button????"

I want to know the genius who designed the following set up:

I asked who wanted to push the elevator button (the elevator is just out of view to the left) and Noah shouted "I do!" and rush right over to the wall. Which button do YOU think he pushed???? Someone needs to go back to design engineering school if they think it's smart to put the BIG RED EMERGENCY button at the eye-level of a four year old. Let me tell you, that was not an easy thing to explain to the dispatcher who's voice immediately echoed in the stairwell. Hitting an emergency button in this day and age is tantamount to walking onto a plane and announcing you have a bomb.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Quest for the Half Blood Prince

All week long I've been planning on a midnight purchase of the most recent Harry Potter edition. It’s Friday, at 11:35pm I finally decide to head out the door and brave the lines. I know they will be long, but because I expect this, I am mentally prepared. I decide on a whim to go to the Barnes and Noble in Montrose, it’s a massive bookstore and I convince myself this will make the experience will be more fulfilling. I pull into the parking lot at about 11:45, well actually I pulled up NEXT to the parking lot as it was completely full and all of the aisles were jammed with cars double parking. I looked to the adjacent gas station, but it too was full, and not with people buying gas. I looked across the street to the nearby hotel. Totally packed. People were flooding from the hotel parking lot to the bookstore. I started to panic, I could only imagine how long that line would be. Would they have enough books? How long would the checkout process take? After all they only had maybe three registers, four tops. The panic won over and I ditched my B & N hopes for a more modest goal of uniting myself with HP at the local Wal-Mart.

I pull into the local Wal-Mart a remarkable seven minutes later at 11:52pm. Spy an HP line of about 50-60 people so I grab a cart and figure I can pick up a few items while I wait for the line to die down. I throw some Bounce dryer sheets and Shout stain remover into the cart when I notice two things.... 1) the line is growing considerably longer by the second and 2) they have pulled out the flat with a stack of books that seems much smaller than it should be given the current number of waiting shoppers. I start to worry that maybe they won't have enough for everyone, so I rush over to get in line. I figure I can finish shopping for my other items once HP is safely within my grasp.

At this point it is 11:56, only a few minutes till chaos ensues. People are looking eager and tense. I make small talk with a short, balding 40ish man in front of me. I butter him up with my verbal charm, but am silently preparing to take him out should I find that he is about to be handed the last volume of HP. I also note that I am exceedingly taller than he, so I stand close and use the height difference to silently intimidate him.

Then comes the announcement:

"Attention Wal-Mart guests: We will be closing down all registers at exactly Midnight to close our accounts for the day. They will re-open as soon as possible."

I do a quick count of how many registers are actually open and spot exactly five. Five registers for the now 100+ people in line, many with shopping carts full of additional purchases. And now the registers aren't even going to be up and running when everyone is ready to checkout?? Somewhere out there is a business planner that needs to be fired.

I size up the chubby kid behind me, If I get the last book and he makes a move for it I could totally take him too I think, although he's had one too many candy bars and could easily kill me by simply....sitting down. But he looks as if he is only thirteen, fourteen at the most, His brain is still growing and reflexes are underdeveloped. I could outwit him or perhaps distract him with a Pokemon action figure and be halfway to the door before he realizes what has happened. This, my friends, is war!

We count the seconds, about 87 left at this point. A silence comes over the crowd and everyone is nervously eyeing the largish lady in the green shirt that says, quite plainly "Code Green" (so named for the green cover of the newest edition). Will she start the line on time? Will she make us wait? Will she systematically lick all of the books to keep us from touching them and thus be able to hoard them all for herself? She holds our literary future, or at least our book-reading weekend, in her hands. To make this crowd of people wait is a death wish. (Suddenly I find myself, pondering the book-licking idea for my own purposes, but then promptly dismiss it realizing I just don’t have enough spit reserves to do the job.)

The crowd is HUGE at this point and there are people who curiously pretend not to notice the enormous line. They simply bypass us all and innocently stand right next to Code Green Lady. The collective line notices this faux paus and begins an aggressive campaign of 'evil eye' stares and under-the-breath comments like 'get in line asshats!' The insurgents pretend to be confused by the lines sizeable proportions and play dumb by claiming they wouldn't know where to join. But as anyone can tell the line goes from the book and magazine section back through ladies wear, where it takes a left turn at the clearance bathing suits, wraps counter-clockwise around the dressing rooms, takes a right near socks, a left at pajamas, then continues straight for some time bringing us back to the main cashier's aisle... I mean DUH people! How hard can it be??? Peer pressure wins out and the would-be rebels are driven into submission. At this point it occurs to me that this whole scenario is the literary equivalent to a going to street corner drug dealer. Harry Potter, the new crack-cocaine!

IT’S FINALLY 12:01 and the line begins to move. They have three clerks standing at the rapidly shrinking book pile handing out the newest volumes. This is very efficient and the line moves swiftly. Too bad they don't seem to realize that we can't PAY for the books because the registers are still down. I am finally near the front of the book line and to my tremendous relief I realize that I will not have to take out Bald Guy or Chubby Kid as there seem to be plenty of books left for all. Praise be to Scholastic Publishers!!

Now that my book shortage fears have been assuaged, I am completely dismayed at the length of the check out lines, clearly we are all going to be here for a LOOONG time. I worry that even though I still have to shop for a couple more items the lines will still be frightfully long when I return to the front to check out. I set the book down in my cart and prepare to head back into the depths of Twinkies and toilet paper. Then suddenly I hear an announcement come across the PA:

"Attention Wal-Mart guests: If you are ONLY purchasing the Harry Potter book, you may check out in customer service."

I stop in my tracks and stare down narrow path in between four of the checkout lanes (crowded with book-wielding, sleep deprived buyers), low and behold it heads straight to the lone lady manning the Customer Service register. Not only this, but her register is the only one in the whole store that is up and running. I get a brief glimpse of my salvation but in the three seconds it takes me to comprehend this newest development it occurs to me that there are no less than 50 people standing in the checkout lines between me and Customer Service. I am about to give up my dream of a speedy acquisition when I realize NO ONE IS MOVING. It is surreal. The CS lady in the red smock is standing there, scanner in hand, with a functional register and NO ONE is moving towards her. Now I begin to question myself…did I actually hear the announcement? Perhaps it was the result of delusional mind and wishful thinking? The announcement is repeated. I do NOT need to be told twice! For a fleeting second I look down at my cart. I am about embark on a dangerous journey through the purchasing masses and the Bounce and Shout cannot accompany me on my pilgrimage. This trip is reserved for Harry alone, not only because his sole purchase is my ticket to the CS counter, but because the 30 feet from where I am to the glorious CS sanctuary will be fraught with challenge and I must heed to one of the primary rules of battle – travel light.

I silently break the news to my sacrificial items… Bounce and Shout, you've been good soldiers but as any good soldier, you need to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if called on to do so. The time has come for me to leave you behind. You will remain here in the middle of the main aisle where you are completely exposed to the maddening crowds but perhaps some sympathetic soul will take pity on you and purchase you in my stead. If not, you will eventually make your way back to the shelf with your dryer sheet and stain remover brethren, respectively. Know this…you will be missed.

I have Harry in hand, my purse slung over my shoulder and I decide to go for it, I break into a FULL OUT RUN for the CS register. Surely no one will mess with 'Fat Lady Running'. Everyone is so mesmerized at what I can only describe as the hideous site of a truly bounce-a-licious housewife booking it to the front of the store, that they cannot move. As I fly at warp speed I realize I still have a pack of gum that I grabbed on my way in firmly in my hand, I unload this contraband onto the nearby Pepsi display and finish my sprint to the promise land. It's a heavenly site, red smocked lady and all. I hand the book over to the smock with a scanner (who is still a little dumbfounded at the events surrounding my arrival) and take a quick moment to look behind me. It feels like a thousand faces all staring at me, standing and staring. Not a single one of their registers is open yet, they have nothing to do but ponder Fat-Lady's surprising victory. Soon other quick-minded shoppers snap out of their bewilderment and race to get behind me, first of which is Bald-Guy from the previous line. Smart man. Chubby Kid is nowhere to be found, presumably eating our dust….

I wait for my debit card to process and sign for the receipt. It prints out and the time stamp says 12:05:39. I am the first one out the door with the new HP book.

Sometimes fat ladies do finish first.

Hide and go seek

My children are playing hide and go seek in the dryer. I am find myself asking the this really a problem?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Harry Potter was mine by 12:05

...and 39 seconds to be exact. I was home by 12:14am.

It is a WILD story full of intrigue and dispair but ultimately our heroine shopper emerges victorious. I will write all about it some other time, but for now I must get to my book....

Attack of the Killer Laundry Pile

I had been keeping up with the laundry quite nicely for the past several months, but this week I have totally slacked. Its HUGE and menacing. Forget having Dept of Child and Family Services show up at my door, the its the Department of Homeland Security that will come a knockin'....

Noah walks up to me yesterday and says 'Mommy Davis, I'm thirsty can I have some juice?' MOMMY DAVIS???

Friday, July 08, 2005

Day five sans adderall...

....kill me now.

I didn't get Spencer's refill in time and I am still waiting for his mail-order RX to come in, each day he goes unmedicated is like decending another level in Dante's circles of hell (which btw..I am currently reading for my Humanities class..good times.) Today I get a brief repreive since he is at the MIL's house with Noah. Just me and my girlie girls today, whew! Poor Betty...

In other news... I have some bizarro rash on the inside of my left arm, its driving me nuts, however it could be my ticket to free plastic surgery - cha ching!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

7-7-05 Playlist

What I Am Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars 1988
Good Intentions Toad The Wet Sprocket Friends 1994
Divine Intervention Matthew Sweet Girlfriend 1991
Big Me Foo Fighters Foo Fighters 1995
Imagine John Lennon Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon 1997
Blister In The Sun Violent Femmes Violent Femmes 1982
Lovefool The Cardigans First Band On The Moon 1996
Girlfriend Matthew Sweet Girlfriend 1991
Barely Breathing Duncan Sheik Duncan Sheik 1996
Last Kiss Pearl Jam Lost Dogs - Rarities and B-Sides 2003
Shining Star Earth, Wind & Fire Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits 1998
Torn Natalie Imbruglia Left of the Middle 1998
Nightswimming R.E.M. Automatic for the People 1992

Thursday, June 30, 2005

School Update

First things first, I got accepted to the College of Nursing! There were 300+ applicants for 110 spots, so I feel very fortunate. I am psyched about starting clinicals in the Fall!

I am about halfway done with summer school right now and so far its going well. Its been HARD. TONS of reading and writing, but so far I've been able to keep my head above water. I finished my Intercultural Communications class with an A. I was told I had one of only five A's in the whole class :) (more grade whoring in 5, 4, 3...) So far in my Humanities class I have an 98.5% and in my World Civ class I have a 100%. These classes finish up on July 21st, then I start my final summer class, Visual Art Appreciation. It will be my only session with just one class, in other words, a piece of cake!

My IC class was a BLAST, the professor was passionate and inspirational. I loved every minute of it. I HATE writing papers and with my IC class I had to write more papers than I have EVER had to do for any class. But in the end it was a great learning experience, and I'm glad I took the class.

Right now I am very emotionally invested in my World Civ class which is over all of Latin America. So depressing and heartbreaking. So much poverty and injustice. Each class we learn more about the government sanctioned terrorism and torture. My heart can hardly take all of the pain. How do you even begin to help these people? There are no easy answers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to my Babies!!

Seville, Olivia and Noah are FOUR YEARS OLD today!!! I can't believe its been four years already! They are telling everyone they see that today is their birthday. They are also getting lots of practice showing how many 'four' is with their hands. We don't have any special plans, although we might take them to Chuck E Cheese this weekend.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My 'whatever' defense

I've been pulled over countless times in my life for speeding. Mostly in my youthful days, but still happens every once in a while. I've tried every tactic in the book to get out of tickets...flirting, crying, playing dumb, pleading... Nothing worked, each time I was issued the ticket. Except the last two times.... The last two times that I've been pulled over doing 15+mph over the limit I've gotten off with a warning. What tactic did I use? I call it my 'whatever' defense. I played the completely apathetic 'you are SO wasting my time' attitude. Even rolling my eyes at times. I was speeding because I was IN A HURRY - duh! So let's get on with the ticket writing mister police man! I fully expected to get a ticket yesterday, but he came back a minute later telling me he was letting me off with a warning. Who woulda thunk it?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Today is my birthday!

Happy birthday to me!! I am now somewhere between 31-35 as these ages are all the same to me.

So we took Spencer to camp today. His first ever week-away-from home trip. His mom and pop were nervous/sad/anxious...we asked Spencer if he was nervous/sad/anxious. "Nope." And then he rolls his eyes with that 'I'm too cool for you' kinda look'. Houston, the attitude has landed.

So all day I've been telling the kids that its my birtday and that in three days its their birthday. Every couple of hours they come up to me and ask me if its there birthday yet...

Olivia - Mommy is it my birthday yet?
Me - No sweetie, today is mommy's birthday.
Olivia - Oh man! Your birthday is taking FOREVER!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Tom Cruise MD

I officially hate him now... I watched this interview in HORROR as he continued to bash psychatric medications, just as he did a few weeks ago with the whole Brooke Shields PPD thing. I'd love to take my son Spencer off of his Adderal for a few days and ship him over to Dr. Cruise's house....he'd change his tune right quick. I can hear the conversation now...

Tom: "Spencer why don't you come over here and sit down and eat your soy burger. Later we will hop on the treadmill for a light jog so we can show your mother how you can control your ADHD with diet and exercise..... :
Tom "Spencer"
Tom "Spencer"
Tom "Spencer could you stop licking the wall for a mintue and listen to me."